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One-Hour Documentary DVD

The Original Patriots PBS One-Hour Documentary aired on PBS station KEET-TV in September of 2007. It was co-produced and co-directed by Chag Lowry and Sam Greene. In early 2007 PBS stations around the country were asked to submit project and grant submissions to PBS stations WETA in Washington D.C. for half-hour programs based on interviews with World War Two veterans from their respective regions.

Chag Lowry, Seth Frankel and Claire Reynolds wrote a grant for KEET-TV that would feature Native veterans from Humboldt and Del Norte counties in Northern California. The grant proposal was accepted and work began in the spring of 2007. The three veterans selected are also featured in Chag's book. This documentary is one of many from around the country that aired on local PBS stations during the Ken Burns World War Two series titled "The War."

The Original Patriots documentary is possibly the only program from this series to feature only Native American veterans of World War Two.

This is the official summary of the program:

When America joined the Allies in World War II in 1941, over 25,000 Native American people joined the war effort. Although their stories are rarely told, they are part of "The Greatest Generation." This KEET-TV production, in partnership with Native American educator and author of the book The Original Patriots: Northern California Indian Veterans of World War Two, Chag Lowry (Yurok/Maidu/Pit River), shares the stories of three Northern California Native American Veterans of World War Two. Lee Hover (Karuk Tribe), Frank Richards (Tolowa/Smith River Rancheria), and Wally Scott (Yurok Tribe) recount their experiences at Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and D-Day, and share their views on the costs of war.

The KEET-TV production of Original Patriots was funded by WETA, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Native Cultures Fund. The documentary was produced by Chag Lowry and Sam Greene and co-directed by Chag Lowry and Sam Greene, and executive produced by Claire Reynolds.

For more information on the program or to order a DVD copy of this program contact KEET-TV at 707-445-0813 or at You can also contact Chag Lowry at if you have any questions about Native American Veterans of World War Two.