The Original Patriots, written by Yurok/Maidu/Pit River author Chag Lowry, is 270-pages with 200 color and black and white photographs, plus maps of key World War Two battles.

"A unique aspect of Lowry's book is his choosing to tell the individuals' stories with the ''Q and A'' interview format. Lowry wanted the storyteller to be the prime source of information, not the author. The end result is smooth, as Lowry demonstrates an admirable ability to eventually get the veterans to talk about often bottled-up war experiences never spoken aloud before.
''The Original Patriots'' is a respectful salute to not just the northern California Natives, but to all Indian veterans who fought in WWII and American wars.
Indian Country Today

"With unblinking honesty and lack of sentimentality, the Native American WWII veterans interviewed for this book tell their stories eloquently. Because they speak from the heart, their words are powerful and impart to us a history lesson not likely to be found in mainstream history books. Journalist Chag Lowry has done us all a great service in lovingly recording these stories and then finding the resources to publish them in book form. Our country is changing to become a better, more inclusive place, and it is due in no small part to efforts like Mr. Lowry's, grassroots labors of love to right a wrong, to document those who have been left out too often. It is high time that all Americans recognize and acknowledge how these Original Patriots have helped to shape our country. We owe each of them an enormous debt of gratitude."
Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Journalism
University of Texas School of Journalism
Dir. U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project

"From the beginning, it’s clear that The Original Patriots is more than just a compilation of war stories. In the books numerous interviews, Lowry plumbs the vets for information about Native American culture (about languages, ceremonies and native crafts); he asks them to talk about their boarding school experiences; and he tries to understand how they were able to selflessly serve a nation that had failed again and again to serve them."
North Coast Journal

"Chag Lowry's exceptional work is an essential contribution to wartime history, to the history of the Northwest, and to the history of its Native Peoples."
Humboldt County Historical Society

“The ‘Original Patriots’ serves as a written tribute to the Native Sons of Northern California. This is a must read for all soldiers, past present and future; sharing the true grit of these warriors in the face of danger in combat and adversity back at home. It accurately documents the hardships that these men and their families faced before, during, and after the war. The importance that these men have placed on "Service to Country and their Comrades" is an embodiment that we still live by today as an Army at War. Their experiences are an embodiment of the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis"- Always Faithful; and the seven Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. I eagerly anticipate future reads by Mr. Lowry and sharing them with my fellow Soldiers.”
SSG Shawn Adkins
A Co 2/357 Infantry Regiment
Fort Lewis, WA

North Coast Journal

Indian Country


Times Standard

Eureka Reporter